Fence Repair Wichita KS

You may have been searching for “fence repair near me” and have come across our fence repair Wichita KS page . . . and lucky you because we are the best fence repair company in Wichita and surrounding areas!

Installing a new fence isn’t always the best decision to make. You can save money by repairing your fence instead!

Call us today to determine whether it would be better to install a new fence or to simply repair your fence on your property. We give honest feedback and suggestions and are willing to help. 

Types of Fence Repair Wichita

  • Fence gate repair
  • Fence post repair
  • Wood repair
  • Vinyl repair
  • Chain link repair
  • Wrought Iron
  • and more!

Wichita Fence Repair Services

Repair or Replacement?

If you’re not sure whether you should repair your fence or replace it instead, a good rule of thumb is to check and see how much of your fence is damaged or in need of some TLC.

If more than 20 percent of your fence needs repaired, we recommend that you get a new one. 

Wood Fence Repair Wichita KS

Wood fence repair is very common because wood doesn’t generally do well over time in the weather. 

Sometimes wood rots, the paint chips, the stain wears off, it gets infested with bugs, and so many other issues.

We can fix lots of parts of a wooden fence including:

  • Wood planks, slats and pickets
  • Wood fence post repair
  • Wood fence gate repair
  • Pressure washing
  • Re staining and painting
  • etc.

Fix your wood fence!


Fix your chain link fence!

Chain Link Fence Repair Wichita KS

Chain link fences are durable and can last a long time. Their main weakness is that they rust over time when exposed to the weather. 

You should replace or repair any sections that have 10-15 percent rust.

We fix all parts of a chain link fence including:

  • Any damaged or rusted part
  • Chain link metal posts
  • Chain link fence gate repair
  • etc.

Wichita Vinyl Fence Repair

Vinyl fencing lasts a very long time. It is strong and durable and can outlast any weather.

But it can also break and get damaged by accident. 

We can help fix your vinyl fence. We fix things like:

  • Vinyl panels
  • Vinyl fence post repair and replacement
  • Vinyl fence gate repair
  • etc.

Fix your vinyl fence today!


Fix your wrought iron fence today!

Wichita Ornamental Fence Repair

Ornamental fences are strong and durable and generally much more expensive to replace then to repair. We restore ornamental steel aluminum and wrought iron fencing all of the time.

We fix many parts of ornamental fencing such as:

  • Any broken or rusting sections
  • Fence gate repair
  • Welding
  • Grind away rust
  • Re painting
  • Power Washing
  • etc.


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